About Us

Fabienne has been a leading jewellery wholesaler to Australian and New Zealand retailers for over 35 years.

Our philosophy is simple - we endeavour to provide an all-encompassing wholesale service to retailers of fashion jewellery. This involves ensuring we adapt the latest global trends to the local jewellery market, ensure a competitive price for the value of the product offered, and stand behind our offerings with great service. We want to work with retailers to provide products with the right styling and value for their store, ensuring quick sell-through and profitability.

All our jewellery is beautifully crafted with attention to quality and value. We use a variety of components- various grades of metals, woods, glass, resin, semi-precious stone, crystal, leather and bone. We ensure we bring you up to date trends, adapted for our market.

Our sales team consists of sales representatives responsible for each state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. They would be delighted to visit you and show you our extensive collection. Additionally our website offers retailers a chance to browse and purchase our products 24/7.


For your nearest Fabienne stockists: Email us at info@fabienne.com.au