Our Ranges


Fabienne has a vast variety of products, designed to meet a range of fashion jewellery needs.


Mints are our ever-popular gifting option.  Whether it be Earmints, Neckmints, Ringmints, Charming Mints, Semi-precious Mints or Wristmints, we have all possible carded and gifting option covered.  Critical to the success of this range is the provision of point of sale display equipment, designed to make your product easy to manage, display and sell.  All earrings feature sterling silver posts, for the allergy conscious.


The Nakamol range features natural materials such as leathers, pearls, stones and ornate metalwork, and is designed by Chicago-based designer Nakamol.  Her design philosophy translates the beauty of simple stones into unique and expressive designs.


The Selina Sterling range is made from 92.5% Sterling Silver, the accepted global standard for silver jewellery.  The range consists mostly of straight silver styles, with highlights of quality materials to enhance individual pieces.  This range has the ever-popular freshwater pearl styles, together with the best-selling artificial opal pieces.


The Elly range is all about fine detail and pretty styling.  Sourced from the renowned Korean jewellery markets, the high quality plating and attention to detail ensures a range of products guaranteed to impress your customer.

Culture Mix is a range designed and developed in Holland since 1986. Inspired by nature, Culture Mix jewellery features wood, laminated shell, coloured resin, horn and freshwater pearls. Culture Mix is distributed to stores and boutiques all over Europe and Fabienne is pleased to offer this brand to the Australian market. 


The Bronze range is unique to Fabienne.  Consisting of pieces in a remarkable copper-like finish, or silver, this range is Fabienne’s longest-serving brand.  The special manufacturing technique employed ensures no imitations, allowing you to stock genuinely hard to source pieces.

Estella Bartlett is a premium gifting option.  A leading British brand, all product is plated in either Sterling Silver or 12K gold plated.  With unique packaging designed for gifting and a sleek counter top display stand, the Estella Bartlett range is a compelling proposition for upmarket retailers.


Our Fashion range continues to be the attention grabbing portion of our available product.  We travel the world physically and technologically to ensure we are abreast of all trends.  We then ensure we adapt these trends to our local markets, and bring to you great value, fashionable pieces.